Enhance your personal brand by using these Instagram scheduling apps

Instagram is a great tool for the visual component of public relations. The best way to attract people to your personal brand is with a cohesive and visually appealing feed. There are scientific reasons why people are wired to visual marketing. According to reports by The Wiley Network, around 50-80 percent of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. These are my top 5 apps to visually plan, manage and schedule your Instagram feed:


Planoly is marketed as the first visual planner and scheduler for Instagram. This app allows you to manage your Instagram’s marketing campaigns and content visually before posting it. It is beautifully crafted to be simple, clean and easy to use. Planoly offers a range of features to customize your feed that is manageable on their web dashboard or phone app. With Planoly you can visually plan, schedule, discover other users, analyze/metrics and a comment inbox to track and directly reply to comments. Planoly are official Instagram Partners and is the most effective social media planner and scheduler. All accounts start off with the free plan but you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time. The app is free to download but paid plans have access to all the features.


This app has everything you need in one simple app. Preview has tools to schedule, edit, hashtag and monitor analytics. The pricing is available in 3 tiers: free, pro and premium. The core features are free, you can subscribe to Preview Pro or Premium to access all features instantly—or individually for a one-off purchase.

  1. PLANN

Everything you need to design, edit, analyze and schedule your posts. Plann is designed specifically for bloggers, creatives and business owners to grow their brand online efficiently. The features are still in development but offers tips on how to fit your images and color schemes together to create a gorgeous, cohesive and branded feed. Similar to other Instagram scheduling apps, the pricing is in categories such as little (free) and paid “planns” are basic, premium and unlimited.

  1. UNUM

Your design tool for Instagram to end ugly instas. This app is a “design platform to capitalize on the most powerful form of digital communication—visual storytelling.” Their disclaimer for users: “If you’re reading this, you’re already late to the game. Instagrammers around the world, from influencers to brands to high-growth startups, are controlling their story with UNUM.”


This app is essentially a content planner for Instagram. It is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers or artists willing to promote their work on Instagram. Content Office will help you create a professional Instagram account and use it to the best advantage. Unfortunately, it does not have an Instagram auto posting feature. All features are available with no limitations during the first 7 days and has a subscription service for full access to content.


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